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Semilla de Bienestar Scholarship / ADOPT MY SCHOOL

The Semilla de Bienestar organization believes and collaborates so that all students from Puerto Rico and its diaspora community and Hispanics (Latinos/a) in the United States have real possibilities for a high-quality public education—no matter where they live, the color of their skin or the financial situation of their families.


The Semilla de Bienestar stands in solidarity with the needs, challenges, realities, and goals of the student community of the Department of Education of Puerto Rico and its diaspora community and Hispanic (Latinos/a) in the United States. By establishing the Semilla de Bienestar Scholarship, we want to recognize with admiration and appreciation the contribution of public-school students. We also provide financial support to education, sports, and leadership programs committed to building families, schools, and united communities.


The Semilla de Bienestar Scholarship consists of a payment of $300 to $700 to high school students selected as a recipient. Finally, the amount designated for the scholarship will depend on the annual budget of the Semilla de Bienestar organization. “We are committed to collaborating and helping students from Puerto Rico and their diaspora from the United States who have worked hard. Education is an extraordinarily valuable and powerful tool for human beings,” said Edwin Vargas, president of Semilla de Bienestar.

Are you eligible?

Check the requirements below to see if the Semilla de Bienestar scholarship is for you:
1. You have to be a student in high school.
2. A resident of Puerto Rico and its diaspora in the United States.
3. Less than 19 years old.
4. Have a minimum GPA of 3.00.
5. Be eligible to attend a 2- or 4-year college or university.
6. Inform us about other scholarship programs to which you have applied. 
7. Demonstrate interest in the development and well-being of your family, school, and
community, and show dedication to academically improvement.
8. Demonstrate leadership in developing initiatives and/or creative projects that promote
fellowship, friendship, solidarity, service to others, justice, equality, equity, healthy
living, and a culture of peace. 
9. Foster a culture of respect and dialogue as tools to relate beyond any differences. 
10. Show interest in self-improvement, perseverance, effort, commitment, and a desire to
help others.


How is the winner of the scholarship selected?
The recipient/winner is chosen based on:
1. Academic achievements, art, music, sport, theater, technology, and community
2. Financial need.
3. Personal qualities and skills, which are demonstrated in a personal interview, either in person or by video conference with the principal, teacher, school counselor, and board member of Semilla de Bienestar, have the responsibility of selecting the student.


What documents are needed?
1. You don’t need to write an essay. The only other requirements are the presentation of these documents:
- Copy Academic History (transcript).
- Copy of letters of admission to university or college.
- Copy of the W-2 form or Income Tax form Return of their parents.
- Letter of recommendation from a principal, teacher, or school counselor.
- List of community projects and services.


1.  The presentation and delivery of the scholarship are coordinated directly with the
principal, teacher, and administrative staff of the school.
2. The winner will receive an email from Semilla de Bienestar.
3. For information about the scholarship, requirements, and deadlines, interested parties
should visit:

Josefa Vélez Bauzá High School

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