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Ramón Ayala Cuervos

Board Emeritus


He was the senior pastor of the ICDC, San Juan, for 34 years and retired in 2012. He received a Juris Doctor at the Inter-American University of Puerto Rico Law School (1968-1972). He holds the licenses of Surveyor, Notary Lawyer, and Professional Appraiser.

His credentials in his secular professions as a surveyor, notary lawyer, and authorized professional appraiser in public and private entities are exercised with dignity and honor. He maintained faultless testimony in the College of Engineers, Architects and Surveyors, Bar Association, Law School of the Inter-American University, and Board of Trustees of the Inter-American University. 

Ayala was president of the Institute of Surveyors of Puerto Rico (1974-76) and the Association of Surveyors of Puerto Rico (1966-67). His 43-year commitment and dedication to the Interamerican University is evidenced by his participation as President of the Law School Class (1970-71).

He is currently President of the Graduate Association of the Faculty, Vice President of the Board of Trustees (1979), and President of the Board of Trustees (1988-1996). He is a member of the Nominating Committee and Chairman of the Incorporation Certificate and Bylaws Committee. 

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