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Julio Fontanet



Julio Fontanet is the Dean and Professor of the Faculty of Law of the Inter-American University of Puerto Rico. Julio holds a B..A. from the University of Central Florida (Dean’s List); J.D., Inter-American University of Puerto Rico (Cum Laude) LL.M., University of Chicago; Post Degree, University of Complutense in Madrid; Doctor of Law, Euskal Herriko Unibersitatea. Lawyer of the Corporation of Legal Services of Puerto Rico in 1987 and Lawyer in the Society for the Legal Assistance of Puerto Rico 1987-91.


He has been a professor since 1991 in the courses of Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure Law, Theory, Doctrine and Litigation Practice, Legal Assistance Clinic, International Criminal Law, Probation Law, and Law and Psychology.

Fontanet was the Assistant Dean between 1994-2001. He has published the books: Principles and Techniques of Forensic Practice (1999) (2002) (2011), The Pre-Alleged Allegation in the United States (First Place Legal Work Year 2009, granted by the Inter-American Federation of Lawyers), and The Criminal Procedure of Puerto Rico (Legal Work of the Year 2009, awarded by the PR Bar Association). He collaborated on the text: “An Alternative to Criminal Prosecution a Mediation Exercise for a Criminal Procedure Course,” Riskin & Westbrook Dispute Resolution and Lawyers 2d. (1997).

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