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Gilberto Ramos

SB Community Team


Gilberto was born in Mayagüez, Puerto Rico. In 2011, he was admitted to the UPR-Mayaguez Campus. He graduated from the Chemical Engineering B.S. program in 2017. This same year he started studies conducting an M.E. title in Chemical Engineering. 

Under the advice of Prof. Suleiman, his master's project turned around the optical bandgap characterization of polymers for organic photovoltaic applications. In 2019, he defended his master's thesis and was accepted into the doctoral program in the previously mentioned department. He is currently working on Prof. Suleiman's team, specifically on synthesizing and characterizing hydrophobic-hydrophilic block copolymers for fuel cells and protective clothing applications. In addition, he is part of the Center for Advance Wearable Technologies (CAWT), working on developing and characterizing polymers for organic solar cell applications.


Outside the academic environment, he was part of the UPRM Marching band from 2011 to 2017, in soprano and alto saxophone positions and as a support musician for the 2020 Pasadena Tournament of Roses.


Currently, he is an outreach student for the CAWT project promoting science and engineering education for high school students.

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