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¡Viva Mi Escuela!

Updated: Jul 6

By: Paula Collado

Semilla de Bienestar

Last Tuesday, November 16, 2021, the Semilla de Bienestar’s project, Viva Mi Escuela! provided its second financial donation to the Luis Muñoz Marín High School, in the Municipality of Barranquitas, Puerto Rico. The presentation of the donation was part of the program organized by the Luis Muñoz Marín High School on the celebration “Puerto Rican Week”

¡Viva Mi Escuela! The project prioritizes the right to education. Education is an innate right that must be provided to every human being since it influences their growth as a person and impacts the development of their environment. ¡Viva mi Escuela! Is a commitment of solidarity, support, and collaboration in the organization and coordination to improve and rehabilitate the external and internal structure of public schools in a great state of poverty and damage to its structure.

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