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Culture of Peace in my Community

Culture of Peace in my Community is an educational project to raise awareness, educate, train, inform, dialogue, and sensitize the community about episodes of violence, crime, and public security. The project analyzes the in-depth study of community violence and creatively develops models, initiatives, exchange of ideas, and strategies to promote the building of peace.

Culture of Peace in my Community promotes education, inter-generational dialogue, social justice, equality, tolerance, solidarity, equity, sensitivity, respect for human life, and the principles that foster and sustain the foundation of coexistence. The project has collaborated with more than 4,000 people in the community. In general terms, the project presents the following activities; conference, workshop, and publication of short articles.

Conference “Tours” in Universities

An interdisciplinary educational conference for dialogue, reflection, and exchange of ideas on social violence, crime, and public safety. The educational experience is creative, dynamic, and in participation with the university community, whose purpose is to present proposals and perspectives on prevention, intervention, consultation, and solutions. The objective of the conference is to motivate the university community to connect and participate in projects and community programs for coexistence.

Public School Workshops

It is an informative, creative, and dynamic educational workshop based on the concepts of prevention, management, and control of bullying. It provides basic tools and skills to students and faculty to contribute, build and develop models of coexistence. The project motivates participants to explore alternatives and solutions to conflicts, dialogue, the discipline to listen, and values that foster community reconciliation, peace, tolerance, and socialization in a multicultural society. The student community will be motivated to develop their talent, skills, and academic potential to build a community in support of hope and respect for life.  



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